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Kuranda Dog Beds
We have chosen Kuranda dog beds for our shelter because they are so good for our dogs. If you would like to donate a bed so another dog can sleep in proper comfort, please click here.

Click here to see more information about this dog

Neuter Your Pet Click on the cartoon to see the larger version
Thank you to Darlene for designing this beautiful logo This website was previously the home of the
Lawrence County Humane Society
P.O. Box 412,
Ohio 45638

Lawrence County Humane Society of Ironton, OH is no longer operating.
Click here for more information about the Lawrence County Humane Society

Lawrence County Dog Shelter
The Lawrence County Dog Pound is the animal control shelter for Lawrence county, Ohio. The Dog Warden complies with the policies and procedures set forth by the Lawrence County Commissioners that states stray dogs must be kept for 3 business days.

Dogs brought into the shelter are held for 3 days to try and locate an owner. After 3 days they are put up for adoption. 3 days does not mean a death sentence. We have dogs for months at a time at our shelter we hold them until we absolutely cannot anymore due to overcrowding.
Kelli Fuhr, FOLC Rescue

If you are missing your dog please visit the shelter to see if your dog is there as our description of your dog may not be the same as your description.

Lawrence County Dog Pound
1302 Adams Lane,
Ohio 45638
Phone: 740-533-1736

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm except holidays. Please visit our pets - one might fit right into your family! The Dog Warden and his staff love to see their dogs find great new homes.

Map and Directions to Lawrence County Dog Shelter

Adopting a Dog
Please check the Pet List daily for new photos, and call the pound at 740-533-1736 for the most recent updates. Please be respectful to the Dog Warden and his staff. It is their cooperation that allows dogs to be posted for adoption.

Friends of Lawrence County Dog Pound, Ironton, OH, Facebook Page See the Friends of Lawrence County Dog Pound Facebook page for more photo's of the dogs and new information.

There is a adoption fee for Dogs that includes first shots and wormer. All Lawrence County residents must purchase a dog license with the adoption of any dog or puppy. The pound is not able to comply with requests to hold dogs. Dogs are adopted out to the public on a first come, first served basis. This means the first person to actually come to the pound to adopt the dog will be the one to take the dog home. Just because you have seen the dog or played with the dog or talked about the dog, will not hold a dog for you.

Please be aware that these dogs are strays picked up by the dog warden or dogs surrendered by their owners. The dogs are not evaluated for temperament or health at the shelter. Any dog from any pound may be exposed to parvo and other contagious diseases and should be kept away from other pets and pet areas until seen by your vet and until the incubation period has passed.

Surrendering a Dog
Before surrendering your dog please note that if kennel space is short, dogs brought in by the warden have priority over surrendered dogs. Please try to find a rescue or home that will take your dog.

Military Pets Foster Program
Military Families and Dog & Cat Lovers please check out the Military Pets Foster Program: Keeping Love Waiting. If you are being deployed, please check out this site before surrendering your pet to a shelter. Animal lovers! Consider fostering a pet for a military family so they can be reunited after their tour of duty.

Looking for a home to rent with your pet?
Check out these sites to look for a place to rent that allows pets:
Renting with pets resources
Click here to see accomodation in Ohio that allows pets
Click here to see accomodation in West Virginia that allows pets
Click here to see accomodation in Kentucky that allows pets
Find somewhere to rent in Cincinnati that allows pets
The above companies are listed for the information only and their presence on this page is not an endorsement or recommendation by The Dog Rescue Network or any other organisation on this website.

Please help STOP THE SENSELESS SLAUGHTER of millions of pets every year in shelters across the USA. Here are three ways to save the lives of dogs:
  • Tag your dog: Attach an engraved disc to your dogs collar. Include your address and contact phone numbers so that your dog can be returned to you. This can save the life of your dog!
  • Microchip your dog: This allows the dog warden or a vet to identify the owner of a dog, even if the tag has fallen off, so that your dog can be returned to you. This can save the life of your dog!
  • Train your dog to walk with you and socialise it so that it does not run away.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. Neutered dogs tend not to go looking for females. They are also less aggressive with people and other dogs. It can also prevent your dog developing tumours in later life.

How you can help
Here is our current Wish List for needed items:
  • Old blankets and towels that we can use as bedding
  • Collars and leashes to walk the dogs on
  • Crates and pet carriers for transporting pets
  • Panacur wormer
  • Flea medications
  • Volunteers to help transport dogs locally and longer distances
  • Photographers to take pictures of the dogs for the website and advertising
Where are we?
Ironton, Ohio is 134 miles south-east of Cincinnati, OH - click here for directions
Ironton, Ohio is 144 miles north-east of Frankfort, KY - click here for directions
Ironton, Ohio is 122 miles south of Columbus, OH - click here for directions
Ironton, Ohio is 68 miles west of Charleston, WV - click here for directions
For directions from your town click here and put your town in the box at the top then click on the Get Directions button.


Click here to see our current list of dogs and puppies

Click here for cats and kittens looking for homes

Friends of Lawrence County Dog Pound Facebook Page Friends of Lawrence County Dog Pound, Ironton, OH

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Lawrence County Humane Society, Louisa, Kentucky

 Petfinder List of Lawrence CHS, Louisa, Kentucky

 Ashland Animal Rescue Fund, KY

Ashland Animal Rescue Fund Facebook Page Ashland Animal Rescue Fund, KY

Another Chance Sanctuary, Clyde, Ohio

Wyandot County Dog Shelter, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

All Species Adoption Program, Carey, Ohio

County Map of Ohio

County Map of Kentucky

County Map of West Virginia

E-Mail Visit River Cities Pets for information about pet laws, legislation, puppymills, breeding, pet overpopulation, lost and found, and much more.
Neuter Your Pet

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