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These advertisements are placed on the behalf of people who need to find a new home for their dog. We make no charge for this service either to the advertiser or the adopter. As with all private transactions do not assume everything you are being told is the truth!

WARNING: People who steal and abuse dogs, sell animals to laboratories and train fighting dogs often answer "free to good home" ads. For your dogs's safety, research potential adopters carefully before directing them to your home. For your dogs and your safety it is better to visit them.

NOTE: adverts are removed 2 months after their submission date. Please e-mail us if you find a home for your dog or would like to have your advert removed. All addresses are in the United Kingdom of Great Britain unless otherwise stated. Make sure you press CTRL R or click on your browsers Reload or Refresh button several times to see the latest version of this page.

E-mail your advertisement to Please remember to indicate where the dog is located.

Lost Your Dog? To place its details on this Notice Board, fill in the lost dog form at Lost Dogs UK (if the link is not working try again later) or at Lurcher Search UK (they will accept details of any breed). This service is free unlike some others. Paying to register a lost dog is no guarantee that it will be more effective in finding your dog than a free listing. Reporting your lost dog to either organisation will result in it being circulated to rescues, dog wardens and listed on Lost Dogs UK, Lurcher Search, message board and the Dog Rescue Net Notice Board. Click here for other lost dog links. Please let us know if you find your dog.

No 'Wanted' Adverts We are no longer placing adverts here for people wanting dogs.

NOTE: we do not send e-mails from or If you receive one we did not send it so delete the message!

Dogs are STOLEN everyday - have your dog microchipped. Dogs are stolen and end up in stray dog pounds miles from home. If they are not claimed within 7 days they can be rehomed or killed. Hundreds of 'stray' dogs are rehomed or killed every week because their owner cannot be identified. You have no right to claim the dog after 7 days. A microchip can also be used to prove that the dog is yours if ownership is disputed. Click here for more information.

Your dog is valuable to you - and to thieves! Dogs and puppies are being stolen everyday. Do not leave your dog tied up outside a shop or leave it in a car! Check how many dogs go 'missing' from gardens!
Keep Your Dog Safe
Walk your dog on a lead at all times. Do not leave your dog unattended in the garden. It is better not to put your dog in the garden at all as they can become targets. If your dog lives outside you should consider bringing it inside as dogs can easily be removed from locked kennels (see notices below). See the reports below of dogs 'missing' from gardens. Have your dog microchipped. It is likely to be the only way your dog will be returned to you if it is stolen and dumped. Dogs go missing from gardens, often at night. Houses are broken into and the dog is stolen. Dogs are stolen from unattended cars (see notices below). Dogs often go missing the same day that 'travellers' move on. All dogs can be sold or 'held for ransom' so do not assume your dog is not a target.

THIS PAGE UPDATED 18th August 2021

Dog Thieves Operating in England

18th August 2021: Dog stolen from kennels six months ago found during police raid. One of eight Dachshunds stolen from a kennels six months ago has been found during a police raid. Rummy was taken from Burton Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, on 10 February 2021 and was found at a property in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, on Tuesday 17th August 2021. Leicestershire Police said Rummy was found after a warrant was carried out at a property in Welland Park Road.
2nd April 2021: Stolen Dogs Recovered in Raids in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. Dozens of dogs believed to have been stolen have been recovered following a series of police raids across Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. A total of 59 dogs were rescued on Wednesday, with some of the pets recovered on animal welfare grounds. Officers have begun trying to identify the dogs and return them to their owners by checking for microchips in the pets. Chief Inspector Hughes said: "If you believe one of the dogs is yours, then we would ask for proof of this, with a minimum being a photo of you with your dog.
18th March 2021: Sussex Police seize 10 dogs in Surrey raid. Ten dogs suspected to have been stolen have been recovered in a raid by police. Detectives from Crawley and the Sussex Police Rural Crime Team carried out the operation on a site in Surrey on Tuesday.
17th March 2021: Men sought after attempted Cardiff Labrador dog theft. Three men are being sought after the attempted theft of an eight-year-old Labrador from its owner.
11th March 2021: Dogs stolen in Staplehurst burglary recovered. Six dogs stolen in a burglary were recovered by police within 20 minutes of the alarm being raised. The dogs, mainly a mixture of bulldog breeds, had been taken from a house in Staplehurst, Kent, on 9 March. Police were called at 20:35 GMT and arrived to find the dogs unharmed in the back of an unattended car, which had been stolen in London. A search of the area with a police dog failed to find the burglars.
20th February 2021: Dogs recovered from a Traveller site in Orpington. The dogs in the photo were recovered from a Traveller site in Orpington, Kent but may have been stolen from anywhere. All are believed to have been stolen, with some having had their microchip removed. Please circulate to your friends and let us help get these little guys and girls back to their rightful families. Call 101 and quote Met Police operation Medusa (the dogs were recovered in Sept 2020, but this photo was re-broadcast on 17.02.21)

25th January 2021: Carmarthenshire and Briton Ferry raids 'uncover 80' dogs. More than 80 dogs thought to have been stolen have been rescued by police during raids.
15th December 2020: Ted the Spaniel stolen by two men after they assaulted the owner - Cannon Hill Common, London.
9th December 2020: Four arrested and 44 dogs recovered in Redditch. This may not be related to the incidents reported below.

27 November 2020: This occupants of this vehicle (Suzuki Vitara) stole a Cocker Spaniel from its owner while out walking in Collingbourne woods today near Ludgershall. There has been a lot of people in vehicles stealing dogs lately. Please be aware and be extra careful with your dogs. Keep them close by and do not leave them unattended. This could be the vehicle referred to in the notice below. Click here for more information
20 November 2020: Wiltshire Police We are appealing for information in relation to reports that a group of men are travelling around the south of England attempting to steal pet dogs. On Wednesday 18 November, a green/silver coloured Suzuki 4x4 - possibly a Vitara model - was seen driving around the Shalbourne, Bedwyn, Bagshot and Hungerford area with the occupants attempting to take dogs from kennels, gardens and back yards of addresses. In some cases a suspect will ring the front door bell while another goes around the back of the property to try and steal the animals. We are asking people to be vigilant and keep their dogs locked inside the house or ensure their kennels are safe and secure. Anyone with any information about this vehicle or the occupants should call us on 101 quoting crime reference number 54200115124. Please call 999 if a crime is in progress. Alternatively, you can report anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Click here for more information

12 November 2020:

Tigger the 10 year old Pomeranian was stolen from a car in a garden centre in Bagshot, Surrey

See the notice above as it is probably the same thieves. Luckily, Tigger was found wandering 10 days later in West London. Click here for more information
Video of Dog Thieves - Cranleigh, Surrey.
Click here to see the video This will not be the first time these thieves have stolen and it will not be the last. There are thieves operating in your area. The dogs were recovered. Precautions to keep your dog safe:
• Keep the gates to your property shut.
• If you discover intruders on your property make sure your dogs are locked inside because the thieves will return.
• Do not let your dogs wander where they can be seen from the road or public footpath.
• Keep your dogs inside, not in an outside kennel or place where they are alone.
• Thieves are particularly interested in Sighthounds, Spaniels and Terriers but they will take any dog regardless of age.
• Unwanted stolen dogs have been dropped from moving vehicles on motorways. Stolen dogs recovered by the Police have died days later.
• Do not allow admittance to people who call wanting to 'trim your tree or hedge'. These people pass on information to the thieves about the dogs on the property.
• Do not let your dogs follow you to the door where they can be seen by callers.
• Do not leave your dog tied up outside a shop.
• Keep your dog in sight when out walking. Thieves will send their dog to your dog then whistle their dog back to them and grab your dog when it follows.
• Make sure your dog is microchipped and the information is up-to-date. It may be the only reason why you get your dog back.
• If your dog is valuable to you then it is valuable to a thief - KEEP YOUR DOG SAFE.
Click here to see the large number of missing dogs
Dogs out of time in Rochdale, Lancs.
Few people realise that many healthy stray dogs, through no fault of their own, are being destroyed if not claimed within 7 days. For more information and photo's click on this link: Rochdale Dog Rescue

Puppies and adult dogs requiring new homes in Poole, Dorset. Interested in adopting a dog in Dorset? See the Pound Puppy Rescue website
Dog breed info with pictures

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