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The Warden thinks the dog above is worth saving. Please help rescue it! Wyandot County Dog Shelter OH
Click on the photo to see more information about this dog
Click on the photo to see more information about this dog
Scrap (and hundreds like him) left to die at the pound

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These advertisements are placed on the behalf of people who need to find their dogs a new home. We make no charge for this service either to the advertiser or the adopter. As with all private transactions don't assume everything you are being told is the truth!

NOTE: adverts are removed 2 months after their submission date. We do not accept 'Dog For Sale' type advertisements. We do not place 'wanted' adverts. Make sure you press CTRL and click on your browsers Reload or Refresh button several times to see the latest version of this page.


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Please remember to indicate where the dog is located (town and state).

WARNING: People who steal and abuse dogs, sell animals to laboratories and train fighting dogs often answer "free to good home" ads. For your dogs's safety, research potential adopters carefully before directing them to your home.

Disclaimer: The Dog Rescues Network and its staff cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the information displayed here.

Dogs go missing everyday - have your dog microchipped. Dogs run away or are stolen everyday and end up in stray dog pounds miles from home. If they are not claimed within 7 days (sometimes less) they can be rehomed or killed. Hundreds of 'stray' dogs are rehomed or killed every week because their owner cannot be identified. You have no right to claim the dog after 7 days. A microchip can also be used to prove that the dog is yours if ownership is disputed. Click here for more information.

Your dog is valuable to you - and to thieves! Do not leave your dog tied up outside a store!

THIS PAGE UPDATED July 12th 2019

June 12th Senior Pekingese Needs a Home - Eaton, Ohio, USA.
I have an 11 year old Pekingese male who needs a home. He is AKC registerd and all black with a little white on the tips of his paws, belly, and a white beard - click on the picture to see a larger photo. He needs a home that care care for him properly as I am disabled an no longer can. He has cataracts in both eyes (so his sight is failing) and needs dental work. It breaks my heart to let him go but I do not have the means to give him the medical care he needs. He is a very sweet dog who loves nothing more than to play with his ball ball. He has never ever nipped or growled at a person and very rarely barks. However, he does not do well with other male dogs who are territorial. He needs someone who will love him and can afford his care. I knowing that he needs to go to the vet and there is nothing I can do about it. It wouldn't take more than a few hundred to get him back to health. His father lived to be 18 so he still has a lot of life to live. We are located in Eaton Ohio. 15 minutes from the Richmond IN border and 45 minutes from Dayton Ohio. If you are looking to safe a good dog, this is your chance. For more information please e-mail
Area: Eaton, Ohio.

June 12th Puppies Need a Home - Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA.
It is with a heavy heart that we must look for a new home for our puppies where they can get more attention and love. Saya (black) is 6 months and Vani (apricot) is 5 months - click on the pictures to see a larger photo. They are half sisters and get along well for any family wanting 2 puppies. They are miniature Australian Shepherd/Poodle mixes. They will only get to about 20 lbs and thus are great with the elderly and families with kids. Low shedding, very smart and super loyal. They are up to date with all vaccines and have gone through all basic training. They are located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Please contact me at if you, your family or friends are looking for the best companion man can have!
Area: Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
$6 To Rescue a Dog - Upper Sandusky, OH
It is not the money that is the problem (although all donations are gratefully received), we have nowhere to put these dogs. Please consider adopting or fostering a dog from the Maggie's Mission, Sharon Center, Ohio so that we can rescue another dog from Wyandot County Dog Shelter. There are dogs desperate to be rescued from the Wyandot County Dog Shelter, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351. Wyandot County Dog Shelter is a small facility with only 12 cages, no kennels and no exercise area. The pull fee is only $6. Phone or e-mail for an appointment to visit the dogs at Wyandot County Dog Shelter.
Foster Homes Needed - Morris County, NJ
Rescue group needs foster homes in Morris County, New Jersey. We save adoptable dogs from overpopulated high-kill shelters. Volunteers then foster the dogs until they are placed in their forever homes. We welcome people who are interested in fostering and have a passion for dogs. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save. If you are interested please e-mail

Homeless Hearts Dog Rescue
Somerset, NJ 08873
Dogs Needing Homes - Los Angeles County, California.

There are lots of dogs here looking for homes in LA County today!

Click here to see a list of dogs needing homes at

LA County Department of Animal Care and Control

Dogs Needing Rescue - Shelbyville, KY
The Shelby County Animal Shelter is located at 266 Kentucky Street, Shelbyville, KY, 40065. It is not a no-kill shelter and there are many pets in danger of being destroyed if they cannot find a home or a place at a rescue.

Please click here to see the list of dogs needing rescue

Shelby County Animal Shelter are an open admissions animal shelter for Shelby County. We are governed by the Shelby County Fiscal Court and operated by Shelby County tax dollars. We accept all unwanted and stray animals in our county. We also perfom all neglect and abuse investigations for Shelby County. The animals at our shelter are random source. We try hard to ensure the animals adopted from our shelter are healthy and free of undesirable temperaments. We aggressively pursue solid adoptions and work with rescue groups, both purebred groups and generic. We do not charge a pull fee for reputable rescue groups. Receiving rescues are responsible for all vetting and transport of the animal(s) being pulled. We are currently working with several non-profit groups to ensure the animals adopted are spayed/neutered before adoption. If the animals are not altered before adoption, alteration must be performed within 30 days of adoption. We are working towards making Shelby County a no-kill county. In order to achieve this goal, Shelby County Humane Society is working with Shelby County Animal Shelter. The first step to achieving our no-kill goal is to have all animals at Shelby County Animal Shelter vetted and spayed/neutered. By doing this, the chances of adoptions and rescues increase significantly. This also will prevent accidental or unwanted litters of animals in the future.

Anyone interested in adopting or rescuing an animal from our shelter should contact the shelter either by phone at 502-633-0009, e-mail us at or come to the shelter in person. We do have an adoption process including an application. We make every effort ensure a direct adoption is a good placement. We work with the potential adopter to find the right pet for their home. With each paid dog or puppy adoption, a voucher for $10 towards a rabies vaccination is provided. On unaltered dogs, a voucher for $30 towards spay/neuter is provided to help defray the cost to the adopter. The adoption cost for a dog is $65. Kittens and cats are $40 which includes the $30 spay/neuter voucher and $10 for the rabies voucher. The surgeries are not performed here. These vouchers may be used at any vet or low cost clinic. The adopter pays the difference.

Thank you.

James Collins, A.C.O.
Shelby County Animal Shelter
266 Kentucky St.
Shelbyville, KY 40065
Phone: 502-633-0009
Fax: 502-647-9214
Dogs Needing Rescue or a Home - Glenwood, Georgia
We’ve found a safe haven for the rescues! Now our main sanctuary is located in Wheeler County, between Vidalia and Dublin, where we have quiet country acres for our rescues to recuperate, relax and rehabilitate! Internet and Cellular Service is improving, but please be patient with us as service is limited! Our Board is located across middle and coastal Georgia - so we have rescue contacts and adoptable pets from Hinesville, to Savannah, to Dublin! Click here for photo's and details of the dogs needing homes.
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue  Glenwood, GA 30428 re
Dogs Needing Homes - Bainbridge, GA
Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society Animal Shelter. Can you help them? Please contact the Humane Society at
PO Box 429,
GA 39818
Phone 229-246-0101
See more dogs needing homes on the Bainbridge Humane Society website.
Dogs Needing Homes/Rescue at Franklin County Animal Control Louisburg, NC
For current information on pet's availability, please call the ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS DIRECTLY AT 919-496-3032 during their open hours 9-5pm Monday thru Friday. There extended hours are on Thursday's from 5pm to 7pm. Be sure to MENTION ID number when calling.

Click here for list of dogs and cats needing rescue at Franklin County Animal Control

Franklin County Animal Control
107 Industrial Dr,
Louisburg, NC, 27549

Louisburg, NC is 50 miles south-west of Roanoke Rapids, NC - click here for directions

Lots of dogs and cats needing homes - Wilmington, Ohio
There are lots of dogs and cats needing homes at Clinton County Humane Society
PO Box 1024
Wilmington, OH 45177
(937) 383-0703
Area: Wilmington, Ohio

Click here for a list pets needing homes

Puppies Needing a Home/Rescue at St. Martin Parish Animal Control, St. Martinville, LA

Because of limited funding and space, animals can only be kept at the pound for a brief period of time before they are destroyed. If you are interested in this animal please call (337) 394-1220 immediately and leave a message and phone number. It may be difficult to reach someone on the phone because the staff has so much to do, but please keep trying. Another way to help is by fostering this pet until we find a permanent home. Please ask the staff how. NOTE: The St. Martin Animal Control Facility does NOT have e-mail. The Petfinder list is maintained by volunteers who do NOT work at the facility and have NO additional information. If you are interested in this animal, please call the facility at (337) 394-1220 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Click here for list of Dogs and Cats Needing Rescue at St. Martin Parish Animal Control

St. Martin Parish Animal Control
1004 Industrial Park Road
St. Martinville, LA 70582
Phone: (337) 394-1220

St. Martinville, Louisiana is 56 miles south-west of Baton Rouge, LA - click here for directions

Dogs Needing Homes in Florida
Putnam County Pound has lots of dogs and cats needing homes. See the photo's of the dogs and cats needing homes here.

If you can help please call (386)329-0396 or email

Putnam County Animal Services is open 1:00–4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10:00am-4:00pm on Saturdays.
174 County Landfill Road
Phone: 386-329-0399
Dogs Needing a Home - Queenstown, MD

Click here for dogs and cats needing homes at Queen Annes County Animal Control.

Queen Annes County Department of Animal Control
201 Clay Drive,
Maryland 21658
Phone: 410.758.2393
Fax 410.827.5064
For opening times, adoption information and directions click here.

Louisiana Death Row Pets Require Rescue Now! These pets are at the Lafayette Animal Control Center, 613 Pont Des Mouton Road, Lafayette, LA 70507. They only have a limited time so please visit the center soon if you can adopt one. Click here for map and directions to the Lafayette Animal Control Center. I am requesting that individuals not abuse the staff at the center. People from all over have an interest in saving these animals and that is wonderful, but please treat the staff with kindness and understanding.

The animals that you see on this page were found as lost animals or turned in by their owners who could no longer keep them or no longer wanted them. If you are interested in adoption or rescue, CALL THE CENTER at 337-291-5644 or VISIT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Older animals in general, medium to large dogs, especially black and brown ones, and plain tabbies, torties, and black cats are the last to be chosen. Please consider saving the life of one who has little hope.

LACC has many wonderful animals available for adoption. As part of progressive changes happening at the shelter, veterinary care is now provided by a dedicated and full-time veterinarian. Dr. Shelly Liles evaluates all animals available for adoption. They receive a physical exam, deworming, and core vaccinations (FVRCP for cats, DAPP and Bordatella for dogs). PLUS a Rabies vaccination if they are over 12 weeks old (for cats and dogs less than 12 weeks old, a $10 Rabies voucher will be issued, to be used when they are old enough to receive the vaccine). Before leaving the shelter, each animal is microchipped and registered to the new owner (or the rescue group who pulls them). Meet the animals at the shelter from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday. For more information on adopting, email

Click on the picture for a larger photo and more information about this dog.
Move the scroll bar and click on 'Next 5' (bottom right) to see more dogs.

If you are interested in adopting a dog please apply using our adoption application form.

There are many more dogs and cats needing homes and their time is running out. Click here to see this weeks dogs and cats at Lafayette Animal Control Do not see a pet you want this week? Ask about pets that will be up for adoption next week.

Please do not complain to us about the pets that are being destroyed! We did not put them in the shelter because we couldn't (or wouldn't) find them a home! The shelter will make every effort to hold a dog longer than it's expiry date, but this is a very small facility with limited dog kennels. The unwanted animals come in every day, and there are many strays awaiting their turn to go to adoption. Do something useful:
  • Find someone or a rescue who will take the pet.
  • Foster a pet while it awaits transport.
  • Help the rescues transport the pets.
  • Collect donations for pull fees and boarding and send the money to the rescues listed below.
  • Advertize the shelter in your local drug store, newspaper, Etc.
  • Donate a dog bed.
Animal Rescue Foundation, Lafayette, LA often save dogs lives by boarding them until they can be moved to other rescues or new homes. You can help them by donating toward the cost of this by clicking on the Paypal button on their website.

These dogs are at the Lafayette Animal Control Center,
613 Pont Des Mouton Road,
LA 70507

Foster Homes Needed in Louisiana
Foster homes are desperately needed in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas. We need foster homes to continue the rescue efforts. If you are interested in fostering a dog(s) and/or cat(s) for Animal Rescue New Orleans please see the Fostering webpage here for more information.
Dogs Desperately Needing A Home - Memphis, TN
This is NOT a NO-KILL shelter.

If you can help find a home for these dogs please contact:
Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: 901-636-1416
Click here for adoption information.

West Jersey Animal Shelter
The West Jersey Animal Shelter closed but there are still dogs in foster homes and boarding kennels needing permanent homes. Click here to see the list. Applications, adoption fee, and references required.
West Jersey Volunteers for Animals
27 North Warner Street
Woodbury NJ, 08096
Phone: 856-845-3860
Scrap (and hundreds like him) left to die at the pound
Scrap, Jacksonville, FL I saw you with Scrap today. You were smiling and for a while Scrap was sitting next to you with his tail wagging. You were standing in front of the intake counter at Jacksonville Animal Control. You were explaining that you couldn't keep him because he chewed through a $5.00 dollar telephone cord. I heard the lady tell you that they take in at least 100 dogs a day and that Scrap would most likely be euthanized, because he is a bigger dog. You were still smiling and Scrap was still looking up at you with his tail wagging wondering if the new adventure with you was going to involve some new dog friends that he could hear frantically barking all over the building. The lady asked if you wanted his collar and his leash and you took them off (presumably for the new dog you will buy after the holiday) as the lady put on his new plastic Animal Control, ID collar and an Animal Control leash. Scrap was still a good boy, still wagging his tail. As you walked out the door you were still smiling. When you walked out the door Scrap stopped smiling. As he was tied up Scrap's tail stopped wagging and went between his legs and he started crying. Scrap kept trying to get to you long after you were gone. The lady at Animal Control felt bad for him and tried to give him a treat but all Scrap wanted was to be with you so he kept crying. The Animal Control Officer came to get him and Scrap left with him his tail between his legs and his head down. Scrap knew then that you were leaving him at that place and you weren't coming back.

Scrap has seven days until he dies, Scrap probably won't live until Christmas. This is a true story, it just happened yesterday. I don't expect that anyone is going to run down to Jacksonville Animal Control and get Scrap but please if you are thinking about taking your pet to Animal Control - don't. If you are looking for a pet then check at Animal Control as there are so many Scrap's there.

Although Scrap is in Jacksonville, FL, this is also happening hundreds and thousands of times in all towns and counties AND countries. PLEASE take pet ownership seriously! These precious, loving, loyal animals do not deserve this. They ARE man's best friend! In good times and bad times, they'll always be there for you and never judge you. You have a duty to care for your dog, not to dump it because you cannot be bothered to train it or because it is inconvenient to keep it.



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