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OBAH Search & Rescue Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a nationally recognized group of emergency professionals (First Responders, Medical and Vet Personnel and Military) trained specifically for animal search and rescue in disaster situations. We utilize all the resources we have available to rescue animals left behind or displaced from the storm with hopes of reuniting them with their families. Please watch our videos on Facebook to fully understand the extent of our rescue. in 2017 we returned home from Texas where we worked to help the animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We then headed to Florida to help the animals that were victims of Hurricane Irma. We are working with a sanctuary in Texas to find homes for their dogs in Wisconsin. We will also consider homes in surrounding states - transport permitting. We do not have a 'center' so we rely on people giving the dogs temporary homes until they are adopted. The pet in the photo top right is looking for a home - click on the photo for more information about it. If you are interested in fostering or adopting a rescued animal please click here for our Application Form - the more foster homes we have, the more dogs and cats we can help.

OBAH Search and Rescue Team has deployed to North Carolina
OBAH S & R team are currently in the area of Fayetteville, NC. They have already rescued a mother and her four pups. They also rescued four dogs that had been left outside to ride out the storm. See the Facebook page for video's and photo's about the rescue team in North Carolina. We are looking for volunteers to look after the dogs that we rescue. We have a secured location where we can house the dogs temporarily, and have animals that need care in NC while the team go out and rescue in the area that are flooded. As predicted, the water level is rising as the rain water drains into the rivers.

Your donations are used for disaster relief needs, gas, vet care, animals needs etc. Our volunteers supply their own gear and food. Your donations go directly to the overwhelming need to get things done, not administration costs, marketing or salaries. We are 100% volunteer based.

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Give OBAH For Christmas!

Support OBAH with our Annual Holiday Fundraiser! This is a limited offer to assist OBAH S&R raise funds to help the animal victims of Hurricane Florence.
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Remembering Dana while we are rescuing animals from Hurricane Florence.

Dana and Ralphie Dana Deutsch

Click here for News of OBAH S & R 2017 Hurricane Rescues

Foster Homes Needed
If you or someone you know is interested in fostering an animal i.e. looking after a dog or cat in your own home until we can find it a permanent home, please contact us at There are dogs in Texas now that if we could move to foster homes, it would make room for more dogs in need. Also since you never know when a disaster will happen, we are looking to have as many homes available to place these displaced animals. You are under no obligation to take an animal if the timing is not right for you. There are a few steps that need to be taken prior to placing an animal so having that done up front makes life much easier when the animals need us.

Who We Are
OBAH began in September 2005 after Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast. Our founder, Caryn Majeskie (now Caryn Buege), had this brilliant idea to head to the gulf coast just days after Katrina hit. She decided to fill up her van with as many supplies as she could fit. After sending out an email to her friends and family asking if anyone wanted to make donations, not only was the van beyond full but she had to get a larger vehicle and more volunteers. OBAH could have returned to WI with so many more animals if there had been foster homes to put them in. Operating a animal rescue has been Caryn's dream since she was a child, however she never thought it would be a search and rescue team. It was obvious how much we needed it. If you have the same visions as we do, I hope that you will consider volunteering with OBAH and helping make our dreams a reality for these precious souls.

Please Donate to Help the Dogs
OBAH Rescue survives on donations of food, and money to pay vet fees. OBAH Search & Rescue Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donations are 100% tax deductable. Click here to donate via Paypal. If you would like to help a dog during its stay with us or if you have food/equipment/money you would like to donate then please e-mail or phone us.

Any old dog items that you may no longer require such as beds, bowls, leads, toys, tennis balls etc are always welcome since some of the dogs destroy these!

On behalf of the dogs thank you.