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Operation Bring Animals Home

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E-mail: info3@obahrescue.com

OBAH Search & Rescue Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a nationally recognized group of emergency professionals (First Responders, Medical and Vet Personnel and Military) trained specifically for animal search and rescue in disaster situations. We utilize all the resources we have available to rescue animals left behind or displaced from the storm with hopes of reuniting them with their families. Please watch our videos on Facebook to fully understand the extent of our rescue. in 2017 we returned home from Texas where we worked to help the animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We then headed to Florida to help the animals that were victims of Hurricane Irma. We are working with a sanctuary in Texas to find homes for their dogs in Wisconsin. We will also consider homes in surrounding states - transport permitting. We do not have a 'center' so we rely on people giving the dogs temporary homes until they are adopted. The pet in the photo top right is looking for a home - click on the photo for more information about it. If you are interested in fostering or adopting a rescued animal please click here for our Application Form - the more foster homes we have, the more dogs and cats we can help.

Note for Dogs Moving from TX to WI

Mia says: "It's cold here. Find a human to keep you warm"

Dogs on their way from Texas to Wisconsin

February 2nd: Sherman, Sasha, Drake, and Buddy preparing for their transport to new homes. Some of the many dogs heading to WI on Friday/Saturday February 3rd. Drake is going to a new home with OBAH alumni Punkin. Some of the other dogs on this transport: Pickles and her pups, can be see on our Dog Needing Homes page. Please contact us if you are interested in giving a dog a forever home. See video's and photo's of this transport on our Facebook Page and the SweetPups Sanctuary Facebook Page

Dogs on their way from Texas to Wisconsin

December 9th: Rusty and Pinky have homes.
November 17th: Pinky (left) and Rusty on their way to Wisconsin. Pinky the Yorkie mix is looking for a home. Please contact us if you are interested in giving a dog a forever home. Many thanks to United Airlines for transporting these rescued dogs so that they can start a new life.

Dogs on their way from Texas to Wisconsin

January 21st: Hooray! All these dogs now have homes.
November 11th: Bucee, Augie, Koga and Exodus on their way to foster homes in Wisconsin. Two other dogs were transported to new homes. Please contact us if you are interested in giving a dog a forever home. Click here to see their journey to a new life - click on the photo's on the facebook page. See more photo's of dogs needing homes by clicking here. Many thanks to United Airlines for transporting these rescued dogs so that they can start a new life.

Pups on their way from Texas to Wisconsin

October 27th: Trinity, Selena and Mesa on their way to new homes in Wisconsin. Howie now has a home. Click here to see more photo's of dogs needing homes. Many thanks to United Airlines for transporting these rescued pups so that they can start a new life. See the pups with their adopters on our Facebook Page

Dogs on their way from Texas to Wisconsin

OCtober 20th: Shep, Maggie and Tex on their way to their new homes in Wisconsin. Serena (bottom right) has a home. Check our Facebook page for photo's of her condition when she was rescued in Texas. Many thanks to United Airlines for transporting these rescued dogs so that they can start a new life. See the dogs with their adopters on our Facebook Page

Foster Homes Needed
If you or someone you know is interested in fostering an animal i.e. looking after a dog or cat in your own home until we can find it a permanent home, please contact us at OBAHrescue@gmail.com. There are dogs in Texas now that if we could move to foster homes, it would make room for more dogs in need. Also since you never know when a disaster will happen, we are looking to have as many homes available to place these displaced animals. You are under no obligation to take an animal if the timing is not right for you. There are a few steps that need to be taken prior to placing an animal so having that done up front makes life much easier when the animals need us.

Who We Are
OBAH began in September 2005 after Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast. Our founder, Caryn Majeskie (now Caryn Buege), had this brilliant idea to head to the gulf coast just days after Katrina hit. She decided to fill up her van with as many supplies as she could fit. After sending out an email to her friends and family asking if anyone wanted to make donations, not only was the van beyond full but she had to get a larger vehicle and more volunteers. OBAH could have returned to WI with so many more animals if there had been foster homes to put them in. Operating a animal rescue has been Caryn's dream since she was a child, however she never thought it would be a search and rescue team. It was obvious how much we needed it. If you have the same visions as we do, I hope that you will consider volunteering with OBAH and helping make our dreams a reality for these precious souls.

Please Donate to Help the Dogs
OBAH Rescue survives on donations of food, and money to pay vet fees. OBAH Search & Rescue Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donations are 100% tax deductable. Click here to donate via Paypal. If you would like to help a dog during its stay with us or if you have food/equipment/money you would like to donate then please e-mail or phone us.

Any old dog items that you may no longer require such as beds, bowls, leads, toys, tennis balls etc are always welcome since some of the dogs destroy these!

On behalf of the dogs thank you.

Hurricane Irma Animal Rescue

Every small donation helps

Sept. 20th: This handsome gentleman stopped by Sunday with his stunning Maine Coon whose flea collar was too tight around her neck, causing some irritation. The gentleman was unable to remove it himself so we assisted - thanks Margie! Because his cat enjoys sunning herself outside, he wanted to be sure she was protected from the pesky fleas. Instead of replacing an unsafe collar around her neck again, we gave her a small dose of donated flea repellent. Thanks to those who donated meds and supplies! It all goes exactly where it is needed. If anyone knows this kind soul, please tell him hello from me and thank you for loving his kitties! - OBAH S&R in Islamorada, Florida.

Theater of the Sea - Colony of Cats

Sept. 17th: The photo (right) is Ms Anita, Vet Tech/Caretaker of Theater of the Sea cats. Duff the tabby cat is on the table receiving some fluids as he was seriously lethargic when we rescued him last night. I took this photo just as Anita received news that one of 'her' Theater cats did not survive. Her heartbreak is crushing! Please keep this wonderful woman in your prayers.

Sept. 16th: Approximately 50 cats were caught when Irma struck, another 30+ are unaccounted for. Their caretaker, another local rescuer and I went to try to catch them tonight. Frightened and confused, they are hiding and wary of company however we DID catch 2! We set live traps for the others with hopes we will have more when the sun rises. See the video on our Facebook page.

See the latest news about OBAH Search and Rescue on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/obahsnr/

Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue

September 4, 2017 - OBAH Search and Rescue team from Wisconsin transported 28 dogs, puppies and kittens from Houston to Wisconsin. This is their arrival. Corridor Rescue Houston, TX is so grateful to these intrepid volunteers for their efforts to render aid in south Texas post Hurricane Harvey.

Thanks to Enterprise Rent-A-Car we were able to get a good deal on two cargo vans which we drove from Wisconsin to Texas. We rescued countless animals, donated TONS of food and supplies for dogs and cats, AND brought home 33 animals (30 dogs and 3 cats) to make sure they had homes and opened up some spaces for some more dogs effected by hurricane Harvey. Thank you! Also thank you to Craig and his manager at Truck rental team Enterprise Milwaukee/Brookfield who were able to meet our request price on the rentals. Because you did that, we were able to get 33 lives to Wisconsin and they are now tucked away in their new beds.

OBAH Transport, Houston to Wisconsin (part 1)- See the video by clicking here (24.38 minutes)

OBAH Transport, Houston to Wisconsin (part 2)- See the video by clicking here (7.34 minutes)

Many thanks to EMBELLISHMENTS LLC at 690 Westfield Way, Ste G, Pewaukee, Wisconsin for busting their tails to re-design and print our 'in the field' t-shirts. They made it happen in less than 24 hours and they donated them! Seriously, we are so thankful to Kim Hintz Faller and Embellishments for making our team complete! If you are looking for screen printing or embroidery work, please, visit them!

Marcia’s Second Time Around, Inc. Quality Used Furniture at 5928 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221, have generously donated a vehicle to help us rescue animals in the Texas floods.

15 years after Hurricane Katrina, Dana Deutsch, North Chicago's animal warden for the past five years, is going to Houston with the volunteer group "Operation Bring Animals Home" to help rescue stray and lost dogs and cats caught up in the flooding and chaos wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Click here to read the Chicago Tribune article.