Pets Requiring Transport

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Can You Help Transport Dogs Through Virginia and North Carolina?

  • What are transports? Transports are organised groups of volunteers who rescue dogs and cats by moving them from one State to another.
  • Where do the pets come from? Some are from kill shelters where the animals life is in danger and are being moved to a no-kill rescue. Others are in rescues and have been found a home some distance away but it is too far for the adopter to transport the animal themselves.
  • How far do I have to drive? The journey is divided up into legs of about an hour. You can drive as many legs as you like. If you volunteer early the route can often be adjusted so that you can start and finish where it is convenient to you.
  • Do I get paid? No, it is totally voluntary. Some rescues will pay for your fuel if they are desperate to move some animals.
  • What happens if I volunteer to transport a dog and then change my mind? If a replacement driver cannot be found the transport will not take place and the dog may die! Please make sure that you are available on the date specified and that you and your vehicle are road worthy before volunteering.
  • Who do I contact? The contact e-mail address will be in the transport schedule.
  • NOTE: Check with the transport contact that the leg you can drive is still required before making firm plans.
  • Dogs Requiring Transport Through VA and NC

    Page updated: February 22nd, 2006
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