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The PetNetwork West Virginia offers online pet adoption listings, free lost and found dog and cat listings, pet care information and resources for West Virginia, and South Ohio, USA.

If you are looking for the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association click here.
Pets Needing Homes at Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Shelter, WV
We are the Animal Control Shelter for Cabell and Wayne counties. You can see lots of dogs and cats needing homes on our Petfinder list here. We receive dogs and cats every day so not all the pets are on the website. Please visit us to find a dog or cat that will suit you. Due to overwhelming numbers during the summer, not all kittens will be pictured on our web site. Please come to the shelter to see our selection of furry feline babies!

See the dogs needing homes on our Facebook page

If you are interested in making a donation to the shelter, there are a few things they could use. Newspapers, dry cat/dog food, towels, blankets, toys, sponges, bleach, and cat litter. Monetary donations are also welcome! If you are interested in the availability of a pet, contact the shelter directly at 696-5551. It will save so many animals for so little of your time! Thanks so much!

Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter
1901 James River Road,
Huntington, WV 25704
PHONE: (304) 696-5551
HOURS: 10am - 4:45pm Monday through Saturday

Mason County Animal Shelter, Point Pleasant, WV
The shelter is the home of the Mason County Animal Welfare League (MCAWL), a group of hard working volunteers that have been trying to make this county pound a no-kill shelter and help these animals. See photo's of the new accomodation here. Can you help? Click here to see the items we need. Donations made via the website will go directly to MCAWL (Mason County Animal Welfare League, the people caring for the animals), NOT the county. We need people to help with strategies for long term: shelter construction, spay/neuter, public education to prevent dumping of animals, grant writing to support MCAWL's efforts, etc. If you have any expertise that you feel may be of assistance in this effort, please contact us. Anyone wishing to help can reach MCAWL via the email address

See the current list of animals needing homes on the MCAWL pet list

Please go to our Petfinder website and click the "Donate" button to make a donation. Any amount will help. Thank you.

Mason County Animal Shelter
1965 Fairground Road
Point Pleasant, WV 25550
Brooke County Animal Shelter, Follansbee, WV Needs Your Help
The shelter is a county facility and we are NOT a no-kill shelter. Our shelter is always at capacity and we need help getting our furry friends homes FAST. Our conscientious and knowledgeable staff are very helpful and strive to adopt as many animals as possible. The shelter is very rescue friendly and WILL adopt to out of state residents. Click here for more information.

We are open Tues-Sun from Noon until 4pm and can even arrange evening visits if you are serious about adopting.

Adopt a Friend
All of our dogs are posted on our website or if you have any questions about any of the dogs and cats please e-mail me at

We need all the help we can get to save as many of our beloved animals as possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated no matter how big or small.

See dogs needing homes and lost dogs on our Facebook page

Brooke County Animal Shelter
1801 Alleghany Street
Follansbee WV 26037
Phone: (304) 527-3987
Friends-4-Life Pet Rescue, Follansbee, WV
We are a group of dedicated workers that have been in rescue and shelter work for many years and have decided that now is the time to join force's. Our goal is to continue with our efforts that include:
*Rescuing and fostering homeless companion animals.
*Coordinating transports, from high kill shelters to safety.
*Providing rescued companion animals with needed Veterinary care.
*Coordinating the adoption of companion animals into permanent, loving homes.
*Advocating the practice of spaying and neutering.
*Advocating rescue and adoption as opposed to the purchasing and breeding of companion animals.
*Using any means within our power and ethical guidelines to stop the abuse, misuse, neglect and senseless killing of companion animals

Adopt a Friend
The first step to adopt is to fill out an application form (Word document). Please understand that you may be approved to adopt but you may not be able to adopt the dog you are asking about. We try to match the personality of the animal to the requirements of the home. If you are looking for an animal that is laid back and easy going and you pick one that we know is extremely active we will not adopt that particular animal to you but rather show you other animals that have the traits you are looking for. All of our dogs are posted on our website At this time we do not have a building so our animals are in foster homes. For more informtion about the pet please e-mail the address that is on the pet's page.

Follansbee, West Virginia
Marion County Humane Society, WV Needs Your Help
The large amount of animals coming into our shelter is a good enough reason to remind everyone of the importance of spaying and neutering your pet. We are in desperate need of new members. Our member numbers have dwindled lately and we are hoping for new ideas. This is a great way to add some extra curricular activities to your life and the Animals would love to have you! We are, also, always in need of dependable volunteers to perform the necessary chores of animal Call us for details at (304)366-5391 or e-mail us at if you're interested in becoming a volunteer.

All the dogs are treated with DHLPP, Bordetella and wormed upon arrival at the shelter. Take a look at the Petfinder list and then e-mail For adoption conditions click here.

Marion County Humane Society
P.O. Box 905
Fairmont, WV 26554
Phone: 304-366-5391

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What is a Transport?

Rural Shelter Transport Transporting Pets from Rural Shelters in VA/SC/NC/MD/DE/NJ/NY/MA

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