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Please help us to help the dogs by donating via Paypal

Raise funds for Pound Puppy Rescue by online shopping & searching and it will not cost you a penny extra!

Pet sitting, dog walking and 1-1 training available. Fully insured, reliable and experienced. Available in Poole and surrounding area's. For more information please call Katie on 07895067122 or click here for our facebook page.

Vets Get Scanning for Microchips in New Patients. It may be the only way a stolen dog will be returned to its rightful owner. Click here for more information.


Pound Puppy Animal Rescue
United Kingdom of Great Britain

The rescued pets are kept in foster homes mainly in the Poole area. If you are interested in adopting one of them or would like more information please phone Jayne on 0773 6176613 between 10am and 6pm.

We will rehome dogs and cats to Dorset and the surrounding counties: Isle of Wight, Wiltshire, Hampshire and the Channel Islands, and further afield, home checks and circumstances permitting.

E-Mail dogs4@poundpuppy.org for enquiries and information about the dogs
cats4@poundpuppy.org for enquiries and information about the cats
info4@poundpuppy.org for other information

11th November Dog Thieves operating in Dorset.
Dorset Police report 129456: On Saturday 7th November in Swanage, a man described to be in his early 20s with short brown hair and wearing blue tracksuit bottoms, a blue jumper and a body warmer was seen to go into a garden and place a bowl of food on the ground in order to entice the dog over. The man was then seen to pick the family dog up and attempt to walk off with it. He was challenged and left the dog in the garden.

Previously to this, there has been a report of a similar incident in the Winterbourne Valley area of Dorchester. We have had reports of a Grey VW Transporter van - click here for photo, driving on foreign plates (first three digits being 141 - see update below), being spotted in the Winterborne Valley area recently, as well as the Purbeck Police area, acting suspiciously around dogs and their owners. These people are looking to steal your dogs possibly to use them as bait for fighting dogs. Please remember that any description you can obtain of the drivers, occupants or even better the vehicle registration will make enquiries easier for the Police. Please keep your dogs safe and secure. If you see anyone or anything suspicious then please call 101 as soon as possible.

From a witness (click here for more info): The number plate has been given on a few occasions as 141 D 1129 (Dublin registration). The men are Irish and were trying to sell a generator whilst asking questions about the resident dogs. If you see this van phone the Police immediately because unless they can catch them in the act of committing a crime they are not interested.

Please be alert to these incidents and keep your dogs safe. Walk your dog on a lead at all times. Do not leave your dog unattended in the garden. It is better not to put your dog in the garden at all as they can become targets. If your dog lives outside you should consider bringing it inside as dogs can easily be removed from locked kennels (see notices below). See the reports below of dogs 'missing' from gardens. Have your dog microchipped. It is likely to be the only way your dog will be returned to you if it is stolen and dumped. Dogs go missing from gardens, often at night. Houses are broken into and the dog is stolen. Dogs are stolen from unattended cars (see notices below). Dogs often go missing the same day that 'travellers' move on. All dogs can be sold or 'held for ransom' so do not assume your dog is not a target.

Latest News

See the lastest news and announcements on our Facebook Page facebook.poundpuppy.org
This is a public page, you do not need a Facebook account to read it. Just ignore the login window when it appears.
Bazaar Saturday 12th December 10am-2pm
Pound Puppy Rescue Bazaar - The Courtyard Centre, Lytchett Minster on Saturday 12th December 10am-2pm. There will be dogs available to view 11am-1pm. Come along at meet the team. See our Events page for more information.

Click on the poster to see a larger version

What we do
When Jayne discovered that puppies born in council pounds were being killed because they could not find homes for them she setup Pound Puppy Rescue. Having rescued the puppies she could not leave the hundreds of adult/ancient dogs and cats, and the kittens at the pounds to die just because they did not have a home to go to. Then she found that breeders would kill their rejects so she took those in too. AND then there are the other animals! We do not have a 'rescue centre'. The pets stay in foster homes looked after by our volunteers in the area around Poole, Bournemouth and Weymouth, Dorset until they find a suitable home. Hundreds of healthy dogs are being killed in Wales and Yorkshire every week for want of a home. I am told that some councils in Wales do not even try to rehome strays - if they are unclaimed after 7 days they are killed! If you think you can help by fostering a dog or cat, or fund raising or just advertising Pound Puppy Rescue in your local shop please phone 0773 617 6613.

Foster Homes Wanted for Dogs and Puppies
We need people to look after dogs for a short while so that we can assess them before moving them to permanent homes. If we have nowhere to put the dogs we have to leave them at the pound - we do not have our own kennels. We prefer you to live in the area of Bournemouth, Poole, or Weymouth, Dorset. You should be in most of the day so the dog it not left alone for long periods. You should not be house proud as dogs can shed hair, bring in mud, and may not be completely house trained. You should be fit enough to exercise the dog. If you would like more information please phone Jayne on 0773 6176613 between 10am and 6pm or e-mail your details including the town you live in and your phone number with the subject Fostering to info4@poundpuppy.org

Thank you Dave of Healthy Pets (Blandford) Ltd

Pound Puppy Animal Rescue would like to thank Dave Smith of Healthy Pets (Blandford) Ltd, 1 Milldown Business Centre, Clump Farm Industrial Estate, Tinpot Lane, Shaftesbury Lane, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7TD, for his generosity in supplying prizes for the Fun Dog Show in Iwerne Minster. www.healthypetsblandfordltd.co.uk

Please Donate to Help the Dogs and Cats
Chappie dog food: Chappie is very good for dogs with digestion problems. If you would like to donate some (tinned and dried) for our poorly dogs please bring it along to our Bazaar or other event.

Pound Puppy Animal Rescue survives on donations of food, and money to pay vet fees. Our account at the vet is well into four figures - that is debit not credit! If you would like to help a dog or cat during its stay with us or if you have food/equipment/money you would like to donate then please e-mail or phone us. Any money donations are gratefully received and should be sent to: Tom Mowlem, Vets4Pets Veterinary Surgery, 5 Victoria Place, 706 Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth. BH9 2EG, with Pound Puppy Rescue on the back of the cheque. Credit card donations can be made by telephoning the vet on 01202 635160. Please e-mail jayne4@poundpuppy.org to let me know that you have made a donation. You can also make a donation via Paypal. Click on the Donate button below to go to our donation page.

Please help us to help the dogs by donating via Paypal

On behalf of the dogs and cats thankyou.

Any old dog items that you may no longer require such as beds, bowls, leads, toys, tennis balls etc are always welcome since some of the dogs destroy these!
See Pound Puppy Animal Rescue in Blackmore Vale Magazine

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding fundraising, or items that can be used for fundraising please phone Jayne on 0773 6176613 between 10am and 6pm.

Raise funds for PPAR with online shopping
You can raise funds for Pound Puppy Animal Rescue every time you shop online or search the internet and it will not cost you anything extra! You can choose from over 2000 retailers including major stores such as M & S, Tesco, Toys R Us, Direct Line, Currys, Etc. Click here for more information


www.hscripts.com Foneaid is a great way of recycling and supplying Pound Puppy Rescue with very much needed funds. Anyone can do it, just collect old mobile phones, any condition, cracked faces, out of date, it does not matter. Contact your friends, family or work mates, and help us and the planet at the same time! You can bring the phones along to our events even if its only one we will be very grateful.

If you do not live anywhere near our collection points you can still help Pound Puppy Rescue by clicking here to recycle your mobile phone. All proceeds will be used to help the dogs and cats at Pound Puppy Animal Rescue

Tell your friends
The Pound Puppy Rescue website addresses are: www.poundpuppy.org, www.poundpuppy.net, www.poundpuppy.info, cats.poundpuppy.org and www.catchat.org/poundkittenrescue

See our Facebook page at http://facebook.poundpuppy.org - Beware of imposters!
This is a public page, you do not need a Facebook account to read it. Just ignore the login window when it appears.

We do not ...
  • We do not have a kennels where we store the dogs and cats. They are all in foster homes and that is why you need an appointment to see them.
  • We do not have racks of pedigree puppies waiting for you to take them away. If you are looking for a specific breed of dog try a breed rescue - see the list here.

  • We do not have a rich benefactor. Vet care, surgery, neutering, food, cat litter, fuel, all have to be paid for from the donations received. Our account at the Vets is always in the red.
  • We do not give the animals away. A donation that we set is required and is not refundable. We need it to help pay the vet.
  • We do not employ anyone. We cannot give you a job or provide you with work experience.
  • We do not publish a contact address because people leave dogs tied to the gate!
  • To keep costs down we prefer you to phone us. Please only phone between 10am and 6:30pm. We like to sleep sometimes.








"People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life - like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long."
A six year old boys explanation for why dogs do not live as long as people, prompted by the death of his dog.

E-Mail dogs4@poundpuppy.org for enquiries and information about the dogs
cats4@poundpuppy.org for enquiries and information about the cats
info4@poundpuppy.org for other information

Page updated: 22-11-2015
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