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Courtesy Post: Carole's Hannah

ON HOLD for potential adopter

This dog is located in Bournemouth and is being fostered by Carole for Hope for Romanian Dogs

E-mail carole@dogrescue.info or phone 07963958351 for more information about this dog.

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Breed: Cross breed

Sex: Neutered Female

Age: 5-6 years approx

Size: Small

Colour: Brown with white

Coat: Smooth

Microchipped: Yes

Pet Passport: Yes

Vaccinations: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Obedience: Can be left 2-3 hours per day. Is crate trained. Comes running when called and will sit to command

Children: Hannah is not living with and has not met any children while in her foster home

Other Dogs: Good with other dogs

Cats: Not cat tested but as Hannah is a calm dog, she could probably be trained to behave around cats.

Chewing: Does not chew

Lead: Hannah is just learning to go out for short walks on a lead and harness. She is a little wary at first but enjoys sniffing around and meeting other dogs

Travelling: OK in cars when travelling in a crate

Notes: Hannah came to her UK foster home from Romania on 9 September 2017. She is a really sweet dog, good natured and calm. She can be shy with new people at first but likes to be stroked and fussed gently once she feels safe. Hannah wants to please and needs a clear routine so she understands what is asked of her. Hannah can be left for up to 3 hours, currently she is used to being in her crate when left. She has playful times when she will run around fast and play. Hannah is an adaptable dog who would be a good companion for a mature couple or single person, she could also live with a family. She is a kind girl who could live with other dogs of similar nature or she could live as an only dog if she has opportunities to meet other dogs. Once Hannah has settled into her forever home, she will be a devoted and loyal companion.

When enquiring please include your location, information about your home and a contact phone number.

This dog is located in Bournemouth and is being fostered by Carole for Hope for Romanian Dogs

If you are interested in giving Carole's Hannah a home please e-mail carole@dogrescue.info or phone 07963958351 for more information.

Carole's Hannah is one of many dogs and cats Mirela Marcu has saved and cared for at her rescue in Romania from where they may be adopted into other European countries.

Hope for Romanian Dogs Facebook page


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