Microchip Transfer

Since April 2016 it has been a legal requirement that all dogs in the UK must be microchipped and the microchip must be registered to an owner/keeper. Pound Puppy Animal Rescue (PPAR) ensure that all animals we rescue and re-home are microchipped. PPAR make no charge for transferring the chip registration, however the microchip registration company may charge a fee - generally it is Petlog (run by the Kennel Club) and their fee is £16 (2017) for registration of a "Foreign Animal".

To arrange the transfer of the microchip registration please e-mail: microchip@poundpuppy.org with the following information:
  • The full name, address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address of the animal's owner/keeper
  • The animal's rescue name
  • The animal's adopted name (if different)
  • The animal's gender
  • The animal's breed (as defined by PPAR)
  • The animal's colour
  • The animal's date of birth if known or approximate age
  • The microchip number
  • If the animal has a passport we additionally require:
  • The passport number
  • The date of chip implant
  • The name and address of your vet, where the animal is registered
With this information we can prepare paperwork to send to you to enable you to transfer the microchip registration to your name. Petlog require the application for transfer in writing. They normally take up to 4 weeks to process it. If you do not receive confirmation from Petlog after a month of posting the application please contact microchip@poundpuppy.org

If you have any questions about microchipping, involving any PPAR rescued animal, please e-mail microchip@poundpuppy.org or call Cliff Derbyshire on 01747 812203.

Pound Puppy Animal Rescue in Dorset is a Registered Charity No 1167435