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Put your dogs' details on a lost and found database on the web

Links to databases of lost dogs in the USA

 Lost Pets Found in Orlando and Orange County, Florida

Lost Dogs Database for Virginia and surrounding states

Links to databases of lost dogs in the UK and Canada


Have your dog microchipped. If a dog has been microchipped the dog warden can identify who it belongs to and return it to its rightful owner.

Have photographs of your dog that show identifying marks and patterns and keep a written description, the more detail the better.


Don't assume someone is going to find the dog and return it to you.

Don't assume that the Police, Dog Warden, Vet, Rescue Organisation will inform you if they find your dog even if it does have a collar tag or microchip.

There is no central list of lost dogs. Give the details of your dog to all the Police Stations, Vets, Dog Wardens and Rescue Shelters within at least a 50 mile radius of where you lost your dog.

Ask at all the local general stores near to where you lost the dog in case someone has mentioned it.

Check with the local taxi drivers. They drive around the local area day and night so are likely to see stray dogs wandering about.

Make up some posters preferably with a color photograph (find someone with a computer and color printer or a color photocopier). Give these to the mailman and milkman in the area. They cover the area slowly so are likely to see stray dogs wandering about.

If there are farms near where you lost the dog check whether your dog has been seen. Ask to check outbuildings, barns, etc as these are comforting places for a dog to shelter.

Keep checking with the above even if you have done so several times already.

Don't give up. Dogs can turn up months, even years after they have disappeared.

More tips on what to do about your missing dog

Page updated: December 22nd 2009
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